WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe 5.9.1 (Win&Mac) All the ideas and discussions
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Add AMD OpenCL H.264/AVC / VCE encoding.

Add AMD video acceleration. This program is not taking advantage of a community that could be quite lucrative.

LeslieH, 17.01.2016, 07:49
Idea status: under consideration


Adam, 18.01.2016, 07:05
Why would you still be using H264? x265 makes 264 look like mpeg1
Leslie Hartmier, 18.01.2016, 08:50
Easy to answer, although I would love H.265 - H.264 is royalty-free, and H.265 is not. Of course, I would pay more for H.265, but if you examine the program, it doesn't currently DO H.265 at all, and I stayed within the original parameters that my suggestion was to add GPU conversion using AMD. Still, again, H.265 is tasty, and I would like that also. Using, or providing HEVC costs 0.5% of the content owner revenue, which can become costly for the program maker or things like FB or NetFlix, or anything you do that is monetized, and if you do not initially monetize your content, but end up doing so, you are charged backdated to the first day the content was created. Anyway, I'm for it, but I really want GPU accelerated conversion. :)

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